Our Services

We help clients find comprehensive and culturally competent care, access perinatal education and resources specifically for the Black community, and empower them to be the primary decision-makers of their healthcare.


System Navigation

We help clients find primary and complementary maternity care and help connect them with the care and community services they need.


Classes & Workshops

Check out our prenatal video series on YouTube and fill out our intake form for information about upcoming events.


Advocacy Program

We believe in birth justice and recognize the need for advocacy in the Black birthing community. We offer consultations to ensure you know your rights and share insights into the care you’re receiving. If you’re unsure that you’re receiving proper maternity care, contact us.


We are committed to spreading the word about midwifery care and supporting aspiring Black midwives. Contact us for speaker bookings or to collaborate on outreach initiatives.

Black Midwives of Ontario: We’ve created a safe, culturally affirming space for Black midwives to connect, discuss their experiences, and support one another to thrive. If you’re a Black midwife in Canada, we’d love to connect.

If you'd like to gain access to our programs and services, fill out the form by clicking below and we'll be in touch.